The Truth About Making Your Job Pay

For most people, having a primary job is their main income stream.  But the sad truth is, many people don't do what they really need to do to make their job pay.  There is so much money that people leave on the table when it comes to their jobs, and if you're looking to maximize your income, that needs to stop. Here are some simple tactics that you can look into today to make your job pay more.   Vacation and Sick Leave Most people get vacation and sick leave at their workplace.  However, it is estimated that only 57% of employees use all of their paid vacation each year.  That's sad, and it also amounts to taking a pay cut. If your employer offers you 2 weeks of paid vacation per year, that means that your salary is based … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Your First Job

Finding your first job after school, whether it be high school, undergraduate or graduate school, can definitely be a daunting task. Maybe it's your first "real" job. You don't want to mess it up either way, right? Of course you don't want to mess it up! You might've spent weeks or months looking for this job, and possibly years preparing for it. There are obvious tips for newly hired workers such as not arriving late, showering regularly, not eating 10 pounds of heated tuna in your cubical etc., but what about tips that will help you succeed at your workplace? Yes those, you want to know those tips!   1. Say Yes! If there are tasks to be completed and you honestly think you can take them on and be successful with them, then take … [Read more...]

The 4 Biggest Interview Mistakes

The job search process can be very difficult, and scary.  Whether your job search just started yesterday or has been going on for months or years, most people never feel fully prepared for the interview. You should try and prepare for the interview process as much as you can.  Your job search process should not just end right after you click "apply" and finish submitting your job application.  You should be researching the company, practicing possible interview questions, and know everything that you can about the position that you are applying for.  If you fully prepare, then you will most likely be more ready for the interview than others who are applying. Even if you spend a lot of time preparing for the interview, there is of course … [Read more...]

4 Ways You Are Preventing Yourself From Finding a Job

Finding a job can be very difficult, but there also is the possibility that you might be making it more difficult. How is this possible? Not spending enough time and rushing certain things can definitely be a big part of not getting to the first part of a job process for a position. Below are 4 ways that you could be potentially slowing your job search and preventing you from attaining positions.   1. Not Spending Enough Time on Your Resume Your resume is a key part in your job search. Make sure your resume is applicable to the job that you are applying for. Revising it so that it matches the specific job is important, and it'll usually tell the person who is in charge of hiring that you are serious about getting hired for that … [Read more...]

How To Boost Your Salary – Without Asking!

I know the title may sound like a misnomer, but there is a way you can get a raise without asking your boss, talking to HR, or really doing anything - it is taking all the vacation days you're entitled to. The average American worker leaves almost 7 days of vacation unused each year.  Not only could that go to waste (some companies don't allow you to carry vacation over), but you are not taking advantage of a huge part of your total compensation.   Vacation is Compensation If you are an employee, vacation is factored into your compensation plan.  If you don't take all of your vacation, you are basically leaving money on the table.  Let's break it down.  I assume that you get two weeks of vacation total, but I will run three scenarios … [Read more...]