5 Tips For Your First Job

First Job TipsFinding your first job after school, whether it be high school, undergraduate or graduate school, can definitely be a daunting task. Maybe it’s your first “real” job. You don’t want to mess it up either way, right?

Of course you don’t want to mess it up! You might’ve spent weeks or months looking for this job, and possibly years preparing for it.

There are obvious tips for newly hired workers such as not arriving late, showering regularly, not eating 10 pounds of heated tuna in your cubical etc., but what about tips that will help you succeed at your workplace? Yes those, you want to know those tips!


1. Say Yes!

If there are tasks to be completed and you honestly think you can take them on and be successful with them, then take them! Taking extra tasks and responsibilities makes you look great to your employer.

On the flip-side, you should also know your boundaries. Saying yes to everything when you know you can’t complete them is not good also. If you take too many then you run into the possibility of running past deadlines and hurting yourself and your company. Knowing your limits is key with this “saying yes” tip.


2. Listen and Take Notes

Talking over your peers and those higher than you might not be a good idea in the beginning. Soak up all of the information you can and listen to what others have to say. Not listening and always forgetting what your coworkers have to say is never good.

Also, I take a ton of notes at my work. I also date and organize my notes so that I can easily find them again. Getting a new job is never easy and is serious work! Having notes can help you look back and let you know what you should be actually doing.


3. Admit Your Mistakes

If you make a mistake, own up to it. Hiding your mistake can be bad for both you and the company that you work for. It will also look bad if your mistake is uncovered and found out to be your fault. You could possibly lose your job if the mistake is a big one.

When you do make a mistake at your job, take full responsibility for it and tell those that need to know about it.  If they know that you are serious about the mistake and will fix it, this will of course look better than you hiding it.


4. Have Ideas

If you voice any ideas that you have to the company that are for the company, then this looks good as well. It makes you look vested in the company and that you are interested in having them succeed.

If you have any ideas, write them down and wait for a good time to voice and expand on them. Maybe at your company meetings or when you next talk to your boss.


5. Be Nice and Make Friends

Of course don’t be fake, but making friends with those that you work with can always be a good thing.  Try branching out and not only talking to ones that were hired at the same time as you, or those are of similar age.

Talk to all sorts of people! You might learn new things, and you never know if you’ll be working with this person in the future. Networking outside of what you’re used to is always a good idea.


What tips do you have for those who are new to working?

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  1. This articles gives solid advice. I would only add be on time. That means not too early and never late.

  2. Great ideas! Another tip someone older mentioned is to arrive before your boss and leave after your boss. It’s pretty much impossible for me because my boss usually arrives at 7 am and leaves around 7 pm.

  3. Speaking up (if you have something useful to add) is definitely a way to get noticed, and if you truly know what you are talking about, can make you the SME in your area. That’s partly how I’ve gotten a few promotions at my job, just speaking up 🙂

  4. Listen more and talk less. Become a valuable asset to the company make sure the need you not the other way around. Getting there early and leaving later is great. You don’t have to beat any one just show you don’t just clock in and out for your check.

  5. Great tips! I agree with you that it is very important to take notes when you are new to a job. It will definitely help you learn your new job process. Making friends with your co-workers will also help you feel comfortable on your new workplace. Also, try not to appear too aggressive. Only give your opinion, when it is being asked. It is also good to offer help to your co-workers when you have already finished your tasks. Be a team player.. that person everyone wants to work late with.

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