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How I Launched A New Website And Received 1,200 Visitors Day One

Website Launch

If you read my August 2014 Income Report, you know that I recently just launched my newest project, Famous Parenting.  I'm really excited about this project, as it is a collaboration between my wife and I (the first time together online)! The goal … Read more

The Key To Hiring A Contributor For Your Blog

I've been a contributor to a lot of websites, including Huffington Post and Forbes.  I've also hired a lot of contributors to help me with all my websites.  What frustrates me is that too many people and companies are getting it wrong when it comes … Read more

Best Tools and Tricks For Running an Online Business While Working

tools and tricks online

I still work full time.  I know - I haven't made the leap to self employment yet.  But with that being said, side hustling is tough.  And it requires some skills and tools that traditional entrepreneurs don't have to deal with. Let me back up a … Read more

How To Buy Websites, Monetize Them, and Run Them While Working Full Time

buy monetize websites

Owning a website has become a lucrative way for people to make money online.  However, it's not as simple as just buying a site, throwing up some advertising, and watching the money roll in...  I wish it was. I've bought three websites over the last … Read more

How My Wife and Baby Have Made Me A Better Entrepreneur

family entrepreneurship

If you were isolated in a room, with no contact with anyone, how successful would you be at your online endeavors?  My guess is not very successful. Now, imagine building an online business without the support of your family and friends.  How … Read more

6 Ways Entrepreneurship Could Leave You Needing a Lawyer

small business lawyer

Being an entrepreneur can be tough enough without thinking about the legal aspects of starting a business.  But the truth is, being an entrepreneur can leave you needing a lawyer in more situations that you probably realize.  I've been lucky enough … Read more