The Quitters Checklist

Join a community of future entrepreneurs who are looking to quit their jobs and move towards entrepreneurship.

If you’re currently working a nine to five job, but aspire to start your own business – you’re not alone.

The Quitters Checklist is designed to be your ultimate guide for people looking to quit their jobs to start or grow their own businesses.  And the best part?  It’s free! 

This checklist has 17 Steps that you need to take to help ensure success when you start your business and leave your job.  It will help you succeed as an entrepreneur.


This Book Contains:

  1. 17 Steps, in 4 Stages, to help you plan your exit strategy and build your business
  2. Each step has key notes and resources to help guide you through the process
  3. The book is designed to be interactive, with key social media interactive steps to help you connect with the community


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