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Are Side-Entrepreneurs The Weakest Link in the Company?

side entrepreneur

I was listening to my new favorite podcast last week - Nick Loper's Side Hustle Nation - and there was an awesome guest on, Chris Guthrie from Entrepreneur Boost.  In the intro, he said something that really struck me - my boss fired me because he … Read more

How To Craft a Blog Post Marketing Plan

marketing plan

You've probably heard the saying, "You should focus 20% of your effort on creating content, and 80% of your effort on promoting and marketing it."  It's one of the sayings that many of the top bloggers subscribe to - and I know I just recently read … Read more

Affiliate Marketers and Brands Beware of Outsourced Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing Companies

Last week I was supposed to be enjoying a wonderful baby moon ahead of the baby boy being born.  Instead, I awoke one morning to find an email in my inbox that said Commission Junction Removal: Non-Bona Fide Transactions: This letter shall serve as … Read more

The Truth About Making Your Job Pay

maximizing your compensation

For most people, having a primary job is their main income stream.  But the sad truth is, many people don't do what they really need to do to make their job pay.  There is so much money that people leave on the table when it comes to their jobs, and … Read more

How a Bad Boss, Boredom, and a School Crush Led Me To Entrepreneurship

bad boss entrepreneurship

I'm always fascinated by stories about how people decided they wanted to become entrepreneurs.  We always hear about the inspiring story, or the life changing event.  But, in most cases, it was a series of events and circumstances that all connected … Read more

The Biggest Problem with the Ease of Internet Business

Internet Makes Things Too Easy

I'm building an Internet business, and I also know a lot of others who are doing the same.  I think the Internet is by far the greatest invention of all time, and it opens up so many opportunities that never existed before.  But there is a big … Read more