4 Ways You Are Preventing Yourself From Finding a Job

Getting a JobFinding a job can be very difficult, but there also is the possibility that you might be making it more difficult. How is this possible? Not spending enough time and rushing certain things can definitely be a big part of not getting to the first part of a job process for a position.

Below are 4 ways that you could be potentially slowing your job search and preventing you from attaining positions.


1. Not Spending Enough Time on Your Resume

Your resume is a key part in your job search. Make sure your resume is applicable to the job that you are applying for. Revising it so that it matches the specific job is important, and it’ll usually tell the person who is in charge of hiring that you are serious about getting hired for that specific job.

Also, have multiple people read and check your resume if you can. I have made many resumes for people who I know and I always find something that needs to be fixed. Right before I graduated with my undergraduate degrees, I stopped by the career services office at my university. I had someone look over my resume and give me tips. It was great!

This section also applies to spending time on your cover letter. I have many friends who would just submit countless resumes and not submit a cover letter with the email.  Cover letters do not take much time and I would spend the extra couple of minutes making one.


2. Not Watching Your Social Media Identity

The latest picture of you on Facebook? What does it look like? Employers will most likely look for you online. I’ve never really heard of too many companies don’t look online for you at all.

They might be looking for your latest pictures, status updates and what you say to others. If you’re not able to conduct yourself in a professional way online, this might say something to the person who is looking to hire you.

Update your Linkedin profile (I hope you have one of these) and make sure everything is professional and recent. Also, look at any online profiles you may have (Facebook, Myspace, etc.) and either update your privacy settings or delete all the non-professional things on your page (which I’m sure there are a lot).


3. You are Waiting for the Perfect Job?

Yes, we would all like to believe that the PERFECT job is out there, but essentially in the beginning that might not be possible. However, you can always get close to your perfect job. Maybe the job is a little further, the position is a little different or something else. However, having a position is better than turning them all down and having none. This is because experience is always important.


4. Not Following Up

After submitting an application or resume, or having an interview, make sure you follow up! This is key! Many people don’t follow up at all. With many of my interviews, I sent a follow up e-mail. I was told by many interviewers that this set me apart from the rest, and it kept my name in their mind over others.

How else could you be slowing your job search?

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  1. Follow up, follow up, follow up! In the world of digital applications where it takes very little effort to apply to 100’s of jobs in a day, how will anyone even know you exist beyond a piece of paper. Following up makes you a real person. This is the single most advantageous thing I’ve done with my jobs, and has helped get me multiple promotions! 🙂

    And don’t forget to kick ass as well!

  2. It’s hard to apply to jobs when there aren’t many in your area to be had, too! It is kind of stressful that one’s online presence is so key in finding a job. Not that mine would be in any way incriminating, but it adds a new dimension.

    • It does add a new dimension. I read recently that employers also don’t like it if you make your Facebook profile completely private. Then they just assume that you’re hiding things.

  3. Very good tips! Embarrassingly, I didn’t realize up until my last job search that you should tailor your resume to match the job you are applying for. I would send a generic resume with each application. It worked for me, but I think that a tailor-made resume is what got me my current job. It takes some time and can be discouraging when you never hear from a company, but is worth it when you finally land a job!

    Thanks for the tips!

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