Getting Injured at a Store – Now Dealing With It

Last year, my wife was injured at a nationwide retail store.  The injury was completely the store's fault - they didn't secure a shelf and when my wife removed an item from it, the entire shelf collapsed on her.  Her saving grace was that she was able to turn around and cover her head, but the entire contents of the shelf (and the shelf itself) all fell on her back.  As a result, her entire back was cut and bruised, and she was sore for months! Now, here we are six months later, and we still haven't received anything from the company, except for more questions...even after they admitted being negligent in writing to us!   Filing the Claim First off, when my wife was injured, nobody really came to help her.  An employee heard the … [Read more...]

How To Create Multiple Income Streams While Working

Since the Most Common Multiple Income Stream is a primary salary, you may be asking yourself how do I go about earning money through secondary income streams while working a main job.  The biggest challenge we all face, including myself, is where do you find the time.  I personally find myself to be a late night individual.  I do my best work after everyone else has gone to bed.   This works for me, but probably doesn't work for everyone. Finding Time There are many ways to find more time.  Some are creative, and some just require different prioritization.  Here are a few to think about: Stop Watching TV/Playing Games/Etc. - Supposedly the average American watches over 750 hours of TV per year.  That is crazy.  If you cut out the TV, … [Read more...]