Can You Escape Your Job to Become a Freelancer?

A lot of people dream about leaving their day jobs - I know that I'm one of them.  And one of the most popular routes that people take when they leave their job is to become a freelancer or a consultant.  While building up a solid freelance business can help you leave your job, does it really provide the freedom of leaving the rat race?  Let's take a look...   The Perks of Freelancing There are so many perks when it comes to freelancing.  Just look at awesome stories from people like Tom at Leaving Work Behind or Matt at Life Without Pants.  Both of these guys have highlighted the many perks that come with starting a successful freelance business.  These include working on your own time and terms, not having to answer to a boss, … [Read more...]

Money’s Fun, but Time is Better: Why I’m Quitting Freelance Writing

A big part of the new year for me is about focusing on my new goals - which is re-focusing my sights on the two goals I discussed in my annual income stream report: Get 1,000,0000 unique visitors to my sites Make $100,000 As part of my re-focus though, I'm going to quit freelance writing.  That may sound odd, especially considering that I made over $10,000 as a freelance writer last year, but it is the right decision for me.  I thought about it long and hard, but two thoughts really drove me over the edge in making the decision to not freelance write, and instead focus on my content.   Quit Freelance Writing - Get More Time One of the biggest factors that influenced my decision to stop freelance writing was the time commitment … [Read more...]