Building an Investing Income Stream

One of the most common questions asked of me throughout 2012 was how I built my investing income stream and how does it generate so much income for me?  If you look through my Income Reports, you'll see that I made over $15,000 investing last year - $8,200 with dividends and $6,800 with capital gains  on positions I sold. So how did I build this awesome income stream?  Here is what I've done to build a (almost) passive investing income.   Stash it Away! One of the coolest comments I got this past year was from a reader who thought I had a huge portfolio and was earning just 1% on it - so my $8,000 in dividends meant I had an $800,000 portfolio.  While I wish I did, I'm definitely not there yet. For this my multiple income stream … [Read more...]