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Do’s and Don’ts of Applying for a Staff Writing Job

Over the last two weeks, I've been looking to hire some staff writers for my sites, as I talked about in my April Income Report.  Since I'm transitioning to having a fuller publishing schedule on two of my sites, I really wanted to have some talented … Read more

Side Business Time Management 101

side business time management

The hardest thing about building a side business is time management, especially as your business grows.  This has been something that I've perpetually struggled with, especially as my business has grown over time. Unless you're going to launch … Read more

How Malcolm Gladwell Inspires Entrepreneurship

If you haven’t heard of him, Malcolm Gladwell is the best selling author behind books likeOutliers and The Tipping Point.  In Outliers, he looks at what makes high achievers different, from a very analytical perspective.  In The Tipping Point, he … Read more

Trigger Points: What Makes You Want to Quit Your Job?

trigger point

If you're here, chances are you're looking to quit your job to go out on your own.  That's the premise of the Quitters Checklist - how to quit your job and move to self-employment. But before making any move to self-employment, you need to ask … Read more

The Impact of Regret on 8 Successful Entrepreneurs

corbett barr regret

Regret is powerful.  It's life changing.  It makes you go back and think about something that you should have done different. Wikipedia defines regret as a negative emotional reaction to personal past acts or behaviors.  The thing about regret … Read more

Can You Escape Your Job to Become a Freelancer?

become a freelancer

A lot of people dream about leaving their day jobs - I know that I'm one of them.  And one of the most popular routes that people take when they leave their job is to become a freelancer or a consultant.  While building up a solid freelance business … Read more