The Easier Backlinking Strategy That Works

backlinking strategyIf you’re building a site, whether your main blog or niche, many of you follow Pat Flynn’s The Backlinking Strategy That Works.  It is a great strategy that has worked successfully for me several times.

There are two key layers to the strategy.  First, you utilize an anchor layer of sites that link directly to your primary site.  These sites usually include Web 2.0 properties and new blogs.  For the blogs, many people use free blog services such as WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr.  The second layer of the strategy is to use social bookmarking and mass article submission of the anchor layer.  This can be done via the Ultimate Guide to Social Media Backlinks.

This strategy works great because the anchor layer links directly to your site, and then you channel all of the other random miscellaneous links through that anchor layer.  You essentially give that anchor layer a boost.  If you have an existing site, chances are that you already have an anchor layer of sites that link to you naturally.  This is how we can make an easier backlinking strategy – utilizing the resources that are already in place.


Finding Your Current Backlinks

It is actually very easy to find what sites are backlinking to what articles.  If you have Google Webmaster Tools, you do the following: Your Site On The Web -> Links To Your Site.  On that page, you can find who links to you the most, as well as your most linked content.  Here is an example from my main site:

most linked content

domains linking to siteAs you can see, very random, but it gives you an idea.  The number of backlinks is important, but the ranking, and “juice” behind each backlink is what really matters.  If you click on one of the content items, it will give a breakdown of exactly what domains are linking to the content.  If you click on the domains, it will tell you exactly where on the domain they are linking to your content.  This is where the Easier Backlinking Strategy That Works comes to play.  It is time to give some juice to these domains that are linking to the keywords of your choosing.

It is also important to look at the stats of the site you are going to promote.  Make sure that you are choosing high value sites that are already linking to your domain.  As I said above, not only to does quantity matter, but quality really matters.  The higher the page rank, the better.


Maximizing Your Current Backlinks

Now that you have identified your backlinks, it is time to promote them.  Not only is this great for the receiving site, but it is great for you too!  The more juice that site gets, the more juice you get.  Therefore, it becomes win-win.

I highly suggest you utilize my Ultimate Guide To Social Media Backlinks.  This puts all of the major backlinking sites in one place.  In Pat Flynn’s words, this is the indirect layer that consists of mass bookmarking and social promotion.  By doing this to your existing major backlinks, you get the same effect.

I normally promote all of the sites I’m targeting on Twitter, Facebbok, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg.  I then use OnlyWire to mass bookmark to all of the major bookmarking sites listed on my Ultimate Guide.  By doing this, you will be giving your backlinks juice!


search impressionsThe Proof Is In The Search Traffic

While I’m not going to share exactly what my keywords are (as there are too many leechers and competitors out there…), I will share you the main keywords I’ve done this with.  I can tell you that all of the keywords here link to posts that are over 1 year old, and nothing has changed otherwise except for the strategy I’m discussing in this article.  I just found the sites that linked to me, and promoted them via social networks and social bookmarking sites.  Within the next few weeks, the changes you see to the right are what happened – nothing else.

I think this strategy works in a very similar way to The Backlinking Strategy That Works does.  The principle is to super-charge the links that are coming into your site.  This will not only support your site, but you will support the other sites that support you.  The internet is built on relationships, and empowering those on other sites will drive your site to success.


Readers, I hope you find this helpful, and I hope you will give it a shot!

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  1. Great info. This helps clear up some of my assumptions about backlinking. :) Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the info! Back linking is something I’m lazy on, I know it helps but I just can’t get into it. I’m going to try this for my existing back links

  3. This is incredible information and something that I will be looking into. Your results are impressive for sure.

  4. Wow, fascinating stuff. I definitely need to check this out further.

  5. This information is so helpful. Thank you so much again for sharing how you have found success. I really appreciate it.

  6. Pat Flynn is a great strategist when it comes to SEO, you should read his post – 9900 Exact Searches Per Month = $1500 in Adsense Earnings. You’ll love this post.

  7. Very interesting. Need to focus more on building links.

  8. Robert, I’ll definitely be checking out both your guide and Pat’s guide….my backlinking strategy is poor!

    Do you ever utilize any outsourced help for backlinking? If so, what type of resources do you typically use?

  9. Since I’m participating in the niche site duel this is something I can use. First, I have to develop my content though.

  10. Thanks for the tips. I really need to work on backlinking. It’s one area I have not spent enough time on. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. I feel like I have a lot of work to do, where do people find the time for all of this?

  12. The one I’m looking at is 1,300 clicks and 5,500 impressions. Impressive!

  13. Very nice! It’s a win win scenario and I should spend more time on this like other commentors pointed out. :)

  14. I would give you link juice. Do promote me to the extent you are saying. Let’s see if it works.

  15. This is a super timely post since I have been trying to understand what backlinks really are.

  16. Zero Passive Income says:

    Good solid strategy. do you use any programs for this work? or do you do all of it by hand?

  17. Thanks very much for this. I need to work on this for sure!

  18. I think I am missing something here. Tell me if I understand this correctly…You find the sites/articles that are linking to you and then promote them on social media/bookmarking sites?

    Do you promote them by any other means?

    Do you only choose to promote the sites that have keyword-rich anchor text, or do you just look for the ones with the largest PR?

    Also, do you use the professional version of Onlywire? I use the free one, but they have eliminated that version, and I don’t know if it’s worth it to pay for it.

    • No, you are spot on. I locate the sites that link to me with the anchor text I am looking for (PR helps, but it is not a requirement). Then I promote them on Social Media and bookmarking sites. Think about Pat Flynn’s strategy where he creates sites (WordPress, Blogger, etc), writes articles with anchor text links to his main site, them promotes and bookmarks the new articles. Well, steps 1 & 2 are done for you by the other website, so just promote their site. It is win-win: you get stronger backlinks, and the other site gets promotion.

      I use OnlyWire professional and am very happy with the purchase. It saves a lot of time and effort, and it has paid of quite well.

  19. Thanks for this writeup. I had previously never used webmaster tools, but i think one of the biggest problems with my site is that all of my links are coming from only one place (a forum). Once it loads up, I’ll finally be able to tell!

    • You should definitely look at link diversity. That is one of the Google Panda no-nos, having all your links come from one place. I’m sure there are other sites linking to you where you can take advantage of this strategy!

  20. Fantastic article, thanks for all the helpful info. Onlywire seems very expensive, are there are good alternatives for automation or semi-automation?

  21. Very informative. Thanks for this. I am trying to create backlinks after Google updates and this will definitely help me.

  22. Quick question on the keywords that you are using in the ‘indirect’ layer. Seeing as how the juice is flowing to your anchor layer, I am assuming that you don’t want to use keywords that would compete with your site. If I wanted my money site to rank for hotdog, I would not use that as the backlink anchor text in my indirect layer. Is this a correct assumption, or do you want to use your targetted keywords?

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