My Monthly Income Stream Report – October 2011

Happy November everyone!  It’s time for another monthly income stream report here at My Multiple Incomes.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me this far, and I really appreciate all of your comments and questions each month!

Important Happenings in October

  • Last month was one of my bests months ever for traffic at The College Investor, passing over 10,000 unique visitors.  Not only that, but The College Investor passed 1,000 Twitter followers, and I’m on track to pass over 1,000 Facebook fans shortly.  Thank you everyone for your support of The College Investor.
  • I’ve been a little lax at posting content here.  I want every article to be meaningful.  I was traveling and so that made it difficult, but I also ran out of ideas.  I wrote a bit about that, What To Do When You’re Out of Ideas.
  • I do have some great article ideas coming for this month, especially around backlinks.  I already wrote about the Ultimate Social Media Backlinks Guide.  Now, I’m going to take Pat Flynn’s Backlinking Strategy That Works to the next level.  Check it out later this month.


Multiple Income Sources

  • Investments:
    • Dividends: $1,294.43
  • Websites:
    • The College Investor
      • Private Advertising: $385.00
      • CPC Ads: $30.18
      • Affiliate Networks: $260.00
    • My Multiple Incomes
      • Private Advertising: $125.00
      • CPC Ads: $1.76
    • Niche Site #1
      • CPC Ads: $2.00
  • Freelance Writing: $315
  • Gross Total: $2,413.37
  • Difference from August: +$878.07


What I Learned

  1. The biggest thing I learned was the power of diversification.  I talk a lot about income diversification, but it really paid off this month.  This month was my second highest multiple income stream level since I started keeping track.  However, it is also was one of the month’s that saw the lowest amount of income from my primary website, The College Investor.  Instead, several other income streams ramped up, and sent me over the top.
  2. You will see the huge dividend payout I received this month!  I am stoked by it, as it should continue quarterly for some time to come.  I spoke over at The College Investor about my fondness for REITs, especially Agency Mortgage backed REITs.  This is exactly why.  When the market dropped two months ago, I bought into several securities at great prices.  Not only were the prices great, but the yield is fantastic.  I’ve been following this for a while, but if you haven’t, check out my College Investor Market Update weekly.
  3. Income is also continuing to ramp up on this site as well.  I’m thankful for your support of this starter community, and hopefully you will continue to support me into 2012!  Next month, I’m going to share with you my goals for My Multiple Incomes for 2012.  I’m still thinking about them, but I’m excited, and hope that some peer accountability will drive me to success!

Thanks again for your support!

As always, I love you thoughts, questions, comments, concerns!

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  1. Great numbers! And I am sure it will continue to grow! Keep up the great work. Quality is definitely better than quantity, so no worries. Looking forward to your backlinking post.

  2. Sounds like a pretty productive month again. Congrats. Keep it up.

  3. Those are some great numbers up there! Congrats and looking forward to your numbers 12 months down the road.

  4. Very productive month. Looking forward to your back linking post.

  5. Way to go!!! Count me impressed. Watch out when interest rates rise, the principle value of your bond holdings will fall.

  6. Hmmm, I glazed over your dividend number from last money, but I noticed it this time! That’s a great monthly dividend number!

    You are going great!

  7. Wow, that divided income is huge per month! 400k portfolio at 3%?

  8. Waiting for your back linking post. Bring it on sooner. Very impressed by your progress.

  9. Keep up the momentum! Great Numbers.

  10. Wow, you’re doing great! This is something I’m working on myself…

  11. Zero Passive Income says:

    Wow awesome month! Those are great dividend payouts!

  12. Congrats on an awesome month!


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