My Monthly Income Stream Report – January 2013

cashflowWelcome to the first monthly income stream report of 2013!  I’m very excited to share this first report of the new year with you because of all my transformative changes that I’ve talked about earlier this month.  If you remember my 2012 Annual Income Report, I previewed several major changes that were going to take place this year, and January is the first month of realizing several of those changes.


Important Happenings

The biggest happening this month is that January is the first month with no writing!  I’ve been very relieved to not be freelance writing, as it really has taken a load off my shoulders.  However, quitting freelance writing hasn’t been very easy thanks to my clients (which is actually pretty cool).  While I got tons and tons of encouragement, I felt bad because it was accompanied by lots of disappointment   I even had one client try to offer me lots more money, which was flattering and hard to turn down.  It just goes to show that if you have a service in a specific niche, and provide value to customers, you can make money.  Freelance writing was great, and I could always go back, but that’s just not my path right now.

Second, here on this site, I’ve been putting together a nice Virtual Assistant Guide.  I’ve been getting tons of questions from readers both in comments and via emails, so I know that it is something that interests a lot of people.  Many people don’t realize how affordable, yet value-added hiring a virtual assistant is.  If you’re running a business or having your website grow and are just running out of time to get to everything you want to do, outsourcing to a virtual assistant may be a good solution for you.


My Multiple Income Stream Report

By now, you should know how this works, but I like to break down my multiple income streams into categories so you can see how I make my income.  You can read more about my investing income stream here.

I don’t include my salary or my wife’s, although I do consider those part of my multiple income steam strategy.

  • Investments
    • Dividends: $1,175
  • Websites
    • The College Investor
      • Private Advertising: $1,040
      • Affiliate Advertising: $242
      • CPC Ads: $0
      • Amazon: $0
      • Sponsored Tweets: $0
    • My Multiple Incomes
      • Private Advertising: $795
      • Affiliate Adverting: $0
      • CPC Ads: $5.31
    • Entrepreneurship Life
      • Private Advertising:  $205.00
      • Affiliate Advertising: $735.95
      • CPC Ads: $0
    • Kids Ain’t Cheap
      • Private Advertising: $125
      • Amazon: $0
      • Affiliate Advertising: $0
    • Japanese Stock Market Online
      • CPC Ads: $1.02

Gross Total: $4,324.28

Difference from Last Month: -$974.75


What I Learned

The biggest lesson I learned this month has to do with not freelance writing and being able to focus on my own content.  I think that I wrote a lot of articles this month here (and on my other sites) that were more in-depth and interesting than I had before.  By having the time to myself, I can provide more value to the reader.  Every article I wrote this month was over 700 words, and I think provided a lot of insight:

The bottom line is that I want every post I write to be meaningful and insightful.  I hope to provide real value, and not just state the news.  I feel like you can get that a lot of places and people read blogs and sites like mine for a perspective and an opinion.  I think they also look for inspiration and a little accountability.

I write this site for those reasons – to hold myself accountable and share my journey.


What to Expect This Month

With that big lesson learned in mind, I’m really focusing on adding value everywhere.  I hope to have some more great content here and finish my Virtual Assistant Guide page for everyone to be able to use as a resource.

I’m also embarking on a fun new series at The College Investor involving young millionaire success stories.  I love success stories, because you can gain insights from other people’s successes and failures.  You can check out the first installment in the series here: Better Knew Millionaire Investor Chris Huse.

Why do you write (if you do)?  Why do you run your business (if you have one)?  Why do you read my site?

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  1. So it looks like your affiliate income for Entrepreneurship Life has really been ramping up lately. What do you attribute it to? Just traffic increases?

    • I’ve been focusing on several key pieces of content that have been generating a lot of conversions. I’ve been speeding up the site, which has helped, and there is also a bit more traffic.

  2. Good job on the income! I need to be more diversified and probably start more websites. I have so many ideas!

  3. Even without the writing income you are doing great! Keep up the great work and I have notice the post lengths and insight that you have been providing lately. Not that the past wasn’t good these are just better.

  4. Robert,

    I think it’s good that you’ve cut down/cut out freelance writing. It’s nice if you are getting a big fee and you get to write on a much larger site, but it’s not scaleable.

    The best is to write great articles on our own sites and earn income passively afterward. i’d absolutely give up $10,000 to save all that time to focus on my own work.

    I think you’ll find eventually that making $10,000/month extra passively is very feasible.


  5. These are some excellent numbers Robert, yopu’re doing the right thing in diversifying income!

  6. Great job Robert! It’s so much more motivating when you know your income is limitless (as opposed to working for someone else… for a set salary)


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