My Monthly Income Stream Report – December 2012

cashflowHappy New Year!  I was trying to decide whether I was going to post a December income stream report, or if I was just going to go with the annual report.  I decided to do both, so here is my December Multiple Income Stream Report.

I’m going to keep this pretty short and sweet, but wanted to highlight a few things.


Important Happenings

First, Niche Site #1 is gone.  I let it not renew when the domain name came up.  It was only earning about $1 per month on average, while it was costing me about $5 per month in hosting.  It was really penalized hard in the last Google Updates, and I really just didn’t want to put any more time and effort into it.  If you want to know (because I’m sure I’ll get asked anyway), it was called Pet Turtle and Tortoise HQ, and it was a niche site designed around the pet turtle and tortoise niche.  For a while, I was getting about $30 per month from it, which was great.  However, that deteriorated over time, and I didn’t want to focus on it anyway.

Second, I mentioned in my November Multiple Income Stream Report that I had bought a site, Kids Ain’t Cheap.  This site ended up needing a lot more work than I had originally thought.  I spent $1,500 on the site, and I still think that it is worth every penny.  As you can see, it already made a few hundred bucks this month, and I think it will pay for itself within 6 months to 1 year.  I’m going to spend some more money on it in January to fix some major SEO problems, but after that, it should be smooth sailing.

Finally, you should note that December is typically the slowest month of the year for my site, and this December was no exception.  Advertising was down across the board, and the most common response from advertisers is “Our budget is spent, touch base with us in January.”  So, hopefully that bodes well for January.


My Multiple Income Stream Report

By now, you should know how this works, but I like to break down my multiple income streams into categories so you can see how I make my income.  I don’t include my salary or my wife’s, although I do consider those part of my multiple income steam strategy.

  • Investments
    • Dividends: $1,800.55
  • Websites
    • The College Investor
      • Private Advertising: $245.00
      • Affiliate Advertising: $145
      • CPC Ads: $0
      • Amazon: $0.86
      • Sponsored Tweets: $4.60
    • My Multiple Incomes
      • Private Advertising: $220.00
      • Affiliate Adverting: $0
      • CPC Ads: $16.03
    • Entrepreneurship Life
      • Private Advertising:  $190.00
      • Affiliate Advertising: $592.96
      • CPC Ads: $0
    • Kids Ain’t Cheap
      • Private Advertising: $244.00
      • Amazon: $0
      • Affiliate Advertising: $0
    • Japanese Stock Market Online
      • CPC Ads: $0.66
  • Other
    • Writing Service: $1,860.00

Gross Total: $5,299.03

Difference from Last Month: +$588.23


What I Learned

I learned two things this month – the first one I’m not going to share (but I will next week), and the second one is about buying a website.

If you’re going to buy a website, fully know what you’re getting into.  Have a professional web developer look into it for you before you buy, as it will save you a lot of money.  Now, I got a good deal on mine, but I’m still going to have to put money into it.  If you’re not accepting of that, then buying a website probably isn’t for you.


What to Expect This Month

The biggest thing that you can expect right now is that you need to tune in next week and check out my 2012 Annual Multiple Income Stream Report.  That’s where I’m going to talk about 2012 in review, and highlight some major initiative changes for 2013.

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  1. Congratulations for the revenue increase! It may be a good decision to give up Pet Turtle and Tortoise HQ site if it is not giving you positive income. I hope that your other blogs will continue earning.

  2. It is great to know that you’re revenue are amazing. Hope you will have a more wonderful year ahead.

  3. It’s amazing to see you manage that meaning websites. I feel like I’m treading water with ONE!

  4. These are some really good numbers. I am curious, how do you find private advertisers for all your sites?

  5. Nice to see you are doing well. I passed the $1000 barrier in December but I have a long way to go until I’m overtaking you. :P

  6. Robert, how much of that is coming from infolinks? The only reason I ask is that if it isn’t a lions share of the income I would suggest maybe shutting it off. The hover links are really annoying and distract from the useful resources that you specifically link to. I imagine it also hurts your ability to drive traffic to your affiliate links.

    • If you noticed, I don’t have InfoLinks on all my sites. I’m doing some testing on it to see if it is value-added. I do agree with you on a certain level though!

  7. Thanks for sharing and disclosing your reports. I see you are very knowledgeable with dividends and the stock market. In my case, my main skills come in the form of Kindle publishing. I, too, post frequent income reports on my blog in hopes of motivating people and as a means of holding myself accountable. My checks are not big, but they do keep increasing little by little, and that alone motivates me (and hopefully others as well.)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.


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