How I Dropped My Alexa Rank – And You Can Too!

Alexa is a website ranking system run by Amazon.  It essentially measures the amount of visitors a site gets, and then ranks all of the websites it has data on.  There are currently over 25,000,000 websites that have Alexa rankings worldwide.  As a result, Alexa has become a recognized tool for both website developers and advertising companies as a way to see how popular a website is.  For many, getting under 200,000 has been the goal, as that means you are in the top 1% of websites worldwide.

At The College Investor, it took me a little over 3 months to drop my Alexa Rank from over 14 million to under 200,000.  That site currently stands at around 77,000.  Here at My Multiple Incomes, I wrote my first post on May21, 2011, and as of today, August 11, I am below 200,000.

Alexa Rank

While Alexa is not a perfect measure by any means, it is one of the best available.  It is important to note that Alexa only counts visitors that visit your site with the Alexa Toolbar installed.  Therefore, it doesn’t measure all of your site’s traffic.  As a result, there are some very popular sites that have high Alexa rankings, and there are some less popular sites that have great Alexa rankings.  This can happen at sites that cater to web developers or bloggers, since many of them utilize the toolbar.


How I Lowered My Alexa Rank

The first thing I learned about blogging is that it is about creating a sense of community.  If you can build that, you can be successful blogging.  However, how do you attract people to your community?

First, you need to Comment on Other Blogs in your Niche.  By leaving insightful comments on other sites, you are more likely to get individuals to come over to your site.  And most people who leave blog comments usually also have an Alexa Toolbar installed.  It is also important to keep up the dialogue on both sites.  Respond to any comments left on your site, and to responses to your comments on other sites.   It can be annoying sometimes, but it is useful to check the box “Notify Me Of Comments on This Thread”.  That way you will get an email of the comment, and you can respond.

I will point out that this has been a huge strategy of mine here on My Multiple Incomes, and it has been paying off.  Since you can hyperlink your comment on other sites, you can see exactly where the comments you are leaving are generating links to your site.  This site consistently receives traffic from both Smart Passive Income and Zero Passive Income.  Both sites are in my niche, and my guess is that people like my responses and come by to see what I have to offer.  I know that I check out the comments to find new, interesting sites to read.


Second, if you are still not getting enough Alexa Toolbar traffic, you need to Get Your Readers Involved With Your Goals.  Since you are building a community, share with your readers what you want to achieve and how/why!  I’m sure that they will be happy to help.  At the beginning of the year, I listed out The College Investor’s 2011 Goals.  I then checked in on my goals in March and June to give my readers a progress update.  In each post, I put a link to the Alexa toolbar, and encouraged my readers to get it if they didn’t already have it.  Each link  received several clicks.  While it may not be much, I was able to get 1-2 readers to help me achieve my goals.


Finally, you need to Stay Active.  Nobody likes going to a blog regularly if there aren’t regular updates and new comments.  If lowering your Alexa Rank is important, you need to continue to provide relevant fresh content for your readers and visitors.  I like to stick to a very set posting schedule at The College Investor.  I post on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, and may throw in an extra “breaking news” post on an off day every now and then.  Here at My Multiple Incomes, I’m trying to post twice a week, with once on Sunday/Monday, and once on Thursday/Friday.  Whatever your schedule is, make sure that there is new content each time an Alexa Visitor comes to your site.


Readers, what strategies have you employed to lower your Alexa Ranking?  Anything I’m missing?

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  1. Excellent tips. I’d also include guest posting on other blogs, getting involved in forums, and keeping up with Twitter. Whew! It’s a lot of work!

  2. Hi,

    First of all a huge congratulations on an impressive alexa ranking. Also cheers for the useful advice.

    Best Regards


  3. Great tips! I think the most important thing is building relationships with other bloggers. Comments from non-bloggers are like winning the lottery, but most of the time it’s fellow bloggers who participate and comment because they know what it’s like. Plus they’re more likely to have the Alexa toolbar, like you mentioned.

    Little House is right – it’s almost a full time job to keep up with everything – but it’s also fun to watch that ranking drop. Congrats on getting below 200k!

  4. Congrats on the Alexa! I also agree that social networking and Twitter can be a good way to build a community of readers. I need to increase my skills in that area a little more.

    • I’m still learning social networking as well. I think I’ve gotten a grasp of Twitter, but haven’t figured out how to maximize Facebook yet.

  5. I have been doing the same thing as you and it has been working for me as well. Commenting does take a lot of work and it can be difficult to work full-time, write content and interact as well. But it is fun and a challenge so I keep on going.

  6. I’ve had so much fun watching my alexa ranking drop. Congrats on getting under 200,000!!

  7. Congrats on the lower ranking! One other strategy that I’ve heard can work is to ask your readers to install the toolbar to help you out. Since they’re already regular readers, their visits will count and help you out.

  8. Wow! Look at that chart! Good advice too – I found that building relationships with other bloggers made the biggest impact on my stats.

  9. Congrats too for lowering your Alexa rank. I’ve read quite a few blogs saying you have to put widgets and some other things that looks not really helpful. What I know really is that Alexa toolbar is the only thing but it’s beyond our control which surfer should visit our blogs if they have a toolbar or not. And it looks like the only solution is to encourage readers to install the toolbar.

  10. Beth Stowers says:

    Thank you for this article. I’m new here and I’m impressed. :)

    My Alexa rank is about at Gazillion (just kidding, but it is high, just under 2 million).

    I’m in a 90-day blogging challenge and working to lower it.

    I’m in a “Tribe,” wherein I submit my content to others in this group and they syndicate my content in different social bookmarking and social media sites (Reddit, Digg, Facebook, etc). I syndicate theirs also.

    That and regular blogging is dropping my Alexa number quite a bit. I don’t currently have the Alexa toolbar installed on my blog; so maybe I’ll do that too.

    Thank you again for such an awesome post.

  11. Congrats on such a dramatic Alexa drop, that’s truly amazing.

    I can’t wait until I get under 500k. I’ve dopped about 400k since joining the Yakezie Challenge a couple of weeks ago. I comment here and there, certainly not as much as most other bloggers. I’m still learning. :-)

  12. Have to agree with what the article states.

    After not being active on my Blog(Blogging in general) for the past few months, my Alexa ranking plummeted(In the wrong direction).

    My links decreased by 90%.

    At the time I had stopped Blogging, my site was experiencing rapid growth, regarding Ranking improvement, links and visits.

    Next time I will have to Balance my health issues, time constraints better(during the time I stopped) to allow for at least a reasonable amount of Blogging commitment.

  13. thanks for this, I’ve been looking for this article. May I know what’s common cause of dropping rank on alexa? do they have do’s and don’t like google?

  14. This is a great strategy. I will try this with my blog to see what results I get. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Excellent ideas. I will try to implement them for my site.

  16. As a new member of Yakezie I will implement all that I have learned so far as well as what you wrote. Thanks for taking the time to share this.

  17. good point on those content farms. I wonder how much that hurts a website.

  18. Can I ask why your site went from 77k to 154k? Is it that Alexa is working out the numbers over the long term?

    • Jai – the 77k is for The College Investor. Alexa moves around a bunch too. Right now it is up to 97k, but I’m at all time high traffic levels. It all has to do with how many people with the Alexa toolbar come to your site.

  19. Thanks Robert for the great tips. It is a bit disconcerting to see your Alexa rank drop dramatically and not really understand why. It is wonderful to see helpful tips to improve it, like yours.


  20. Wow great drop in the Alexa. I started my blog at the beginning of February 2012. I was up around 20 million when I started. It was a bit disheartening to see it that high. It is down around 600k now. That feels much better but there is alot of work to do to get it down. Good post to see from another bloggers perspective on how to lower your Alexa.

  21. So say I use my iPad to leave a comment on a similar niche site. I cannot download the Alexa toolbar on the iPad so would it not register to help my site’s Alexa rank if I put a link to my site as I just did by providing my website url?

    • Right, you will get a link by leaving a comment, but you can’t use Alexa on your iPad, so your visit won’t help the site’s Alexa rank. That is why Alexa is just one of many metrics available.

  22. My Alexa Ranking has dropped from 150 k to 220k which is really getting bad by each day. I hope your tips will help me improve it. I loved the community part may that’s what I stopped doing causing this great landslide.

  23. ive been putting a huge effort to my site in as far as its alexa is concern. So, is blog commenting really helpful? Thanks a lot…

  24. Some great tips… I’m very interested in learning from others and developing that kind of commitment to my own site. I find when I post on other’s sites, people do not return the favour… perhaps because of my niche?

  25. Question! Alexa does not offer a toolbar for safari!! I am going to install it on Google Chrome but if I mainly use safari for my web browsing is this going to get in the way of me improving my Alexa Rating??

    I just joined the Yakezie challenge and it’s alot to absorb! I really want to do this right and see how far I can go.

    • Yes and no. It will not impact it because it isn’t registering your visits. However, once you visit, it doesn’t continue to give you more hits for going back. One user equals one hit.

  26. Thanks for the great breakdown Robert! I have been trying really hard to interact on twitter lately and it seems to have helped my ranking quite a bit.

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