Homeowner’s Insurance Covers… Godzilla?!

godzilla attackBelieve it, or not, some home insurance companies do have such oddities as “Godzilla-Style attacks” embedded into the clauses of their policies. Which may seem odd, since most home insurance policies don’t cover more common things like ‘flooding’.

If you think about it, though, it’s not that odd.

Of course home insurance companies feel perfectly comfortable throwing in a Godzilla clause, because—honestly—what are the chances that something like that is actually going to happen? Pretty slim when compared to flooding, which happens fairly frequently; especially if you live in hurricane-prone areas. Visit HBF to learn more today.


10 Most Expensive States for Homeowner’s Insurance

  1. TEXAS – $1,460 per year
  2. FLORIDA — $1,390 per year
  3. LOUISIANA — $1,155 per year
  4. OKLAHOMA — $1,048 per year
  5. MASSACHUSETTS — $1,026 per year
  6. NEW YORK — $983 per year
  7. CONNECTICUT — $980 per year
  8. MISSISSIPPI — $980 per year
  9. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — $926 per year
  10. KANSAS — $916 per year


Other Oddities Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance

Almost never-gunna-happen scenarios like Godzilla, though, aren’t the only oddities that some homeowner’s insurance covers—some policies cover fairly normal, or more possible, situations that you just might not think it would. Such as:

  • My Dog Bit My Neighbor!

 According to the Centers for Disease Control, a whopping 4.7 million people per year are bitten by dogs, resulting in nearly 800,000 injuries serious enough to warrant medical attention—50% of this total figure take place on the dog owner’s own property.

“Dog bites are probably the single most common cause of liability claims on a homeowner’s policy,” states Bill Wilson from Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, “Most insurance policies will cover the medical bills for someone bit by a dog—or a cat, snake, or other domestic animal, for that matter—and even pay lost wages if the person can’t work.”

  • The Sky is Falling!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a meteor? And it’s headed right for my house!! Fear not; your homeowner’s insurance covers most things that could fall from the sky, at any height, and hit your home. This includes limbs breaking from trees, debris falling from airplanes, and yes, even meteor showers.

Be that as it may, it’s important to keep in mind that the damage must have occurred solely from the falling debris in an unpreventable manner and until the insurance adjuster can survey the damage, it must be properly cared for—further damage that occurs after the fact (rain damage from a hole in the roof) will not be covered.

  • Insurance Never Covers Mold!

False! In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance will, in fact, cover mold damage. Unfortunately, many homeowner’s neglect to read through the fine print of their policy and simply assume that mold damage isn’t covered, paying out of pocket.

Within that fine print, a homeowner will find that the coverage stipulations for mold damage depend upon what causes the mold. If the mold was brought about by damage covered by the policy (i.e. a busted pipe), then the mold is covered, as well.

The bottom line is that your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover a lot of things that you may not expect.  As such, before you go and think you have to pay a lot of out-of-pocket costs to get your home repaired, call your insurance agent or read the fine print of your policy.  It could save you a lot of expense and hassle.

Did you know that your homeowners insurance could cover these calamities?

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  1. That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard! It’s almost tempting enough to pull out my insurance policy and read it….. almost!

  2. If you have an unpredictable pet, it’s probably a really good idea to be insured. I can not even imagine the financial implications of a dog seriously hurting somebody.

  3. I live in the second highest state…oh how lucky am I!!! Plus we are smack in the middle of most hurricane paths. My dog stays in the home and i have seen too many cases about an animal biting a neighbor not trying to have the on my conscious or out of my pocket. Nice catch on the mold!


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  2. […] @ My Multiple Incomes writes Homeowner’s Insurance Covers… Godzilla?! – Believe it, or not, some home insurance companies do have such oddities as […]

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