My Monthly Income Stream Report – March 2014

income report

I can't believe that, as I'm writing this, it's almost tax day.  That means we are 25% through 2014.  Where has this year gone?  It seems like just yesterday it was Christmas - I'm really feeling time fly.  I'm also shocked by how fast my son is growing up.  A little over a year ago I announced my first child was on the way, and now he's crawling all over the house and standing against everything he can pull himself up on.  It's just crazy! Wbeing said, it's been another good month both online and offline.  Let's get to it!   Important Happenings Several great things happened this month that I'm really excited to share with you.  First, I'm excited to announce that I'm now writing for Forbes about education and personal … [Read more...]

Multiple Income Stream Goals for 2014

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Welcome to my goal post for 2014 - finally.  Yes, I realize that it's already March, but I think it's important from an accountability standpoint to publish a goal post online.  In reality, I actually already crafted my goals, and I spent a lot of time in December really hashing out what I wanted for the year. Last year, my wife made me a beautiful whiteboard (not really white, actually canvas), that I've plotted out my goals and milestones for the entire year.   Now, I'm just codifying publicly what I'm already working towards.   2014 Goals Alright, so here is what I'm working on this year, and the reason why.  If possible, I'll also share any tactics I'm using and any progress made. Monthly Epic Posts:  One … [Read more...]

My Monthly Income Stream Report – February 2014

Feb Income Report

February was a busy busy month for me, both online and offline, and I totally skipped out on creating content here at Beat the Nine to Five.  However, I made some key changes that will hopefully free up my time to allow me to focus better on creating content versus doing other stuff. Beyond the craziness, February was also a great month for my business - even better than January.  I'm excited to share with you the good and the bad from this month, and what I'm doing to better myself, my business, and my family.   Important Happenings I had a few key learnings this month that I wanted to share.  Like I mentioned earlier, this was a month of craziness, and it led to being fully overwhelmed by mid-month.  This was due to a crazy … [Read more...]

The Key To Side Hustle Success: Focus On What You Know

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I had two interesting exchanges with readers over the last several weeks, and I wanted to share a key takeaway from them. First, I had a reader ask: Why don't you tell us how you went about choosing the web sites you bought last year, why they were doing so poorly at that time, and how they are doing now. It might be good to explain how you went about monetizing them, and why you  chose certain ads for that purpose. The second reader asked the following: How do I get started with an online business and how do I figure out which one is best? And what do you think my answer was to both of them?  Focus on what you know!   The Key To Success The absolute key to success in everything I do is focusing on what I know.  Every … [Read more...]

My Monthly Income Stream Report – January 2014

January 2014 Income Report

Happy New Year!  Welcome to my first income report of 2014 -  and I'm really excited to share it with you.  I just got back from an amazing vacation with my family and baby, and it was great to get away.  All of our friends told us to take the baby on a trip before he was able to walk, and they were right - it was fun to just take him along with us everywhere! Each month, I share what I'm doing to develop my multiple income streams.  I try to share what's working, and what's not, so that you can learn from what I'm doing online and offline.  I also share all of my earning, down to the penny.  Starting this year, I'm also going to share my expenses for each month, so that you can get a real sense of how much I'm actually taking … [Read more...]

How to Actually Repurpose Content That Works

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Everywhere I turn, I'm reading another article or listening to another podcast that tells me to repurpose my content.  I never fully understood what it meant to repurpose my content, but over the last few months I've finally figured it out. I wanted to share with you several ways that I've found to successfully repurpose content, and how you can leverage this strategy in your business.   Repurposing Life Into Media The first things that I've found to be highly successful to my business has been to repurpose things that I've done in life into my online business.  What?  Life...  Yes, things that I've done normally, or struggled with. For example, after my wife's baby shower, she struggled to put together thank you notes for … [Read more...]