The Key To Hiring A Contributor For Your Blog

blog contributor

I've been a contributor to a lot of websites, including Huffington Post and Forbes.  I've also hired a lot of contributors to help me with all my websites.  What frustrates me is that too many people and companies are getting it wrong when it comes to hiring a contributor. A contributor can be a great asset to a blog team.  They can bring in different perspectives, different writing styles, even different knowledge of a subject.  However, too many companies try to constrain their contributors and don't allow them the freedom to allow their talents to shine.  As such, the relationship doesn't work as well as planned for the company, and it usually ends up frustrating the contributor as well. Follow this guide if planning to hire a … [Read more...]

My Monthly Income Stream Report – June 2014

Income Report June 2014

Welcome to Summer!  Summer is always a tough time for online business - there's a lot of holidays, and people just read online media a little less. But you know what's great about this summer compared to past ones?  My traffic is about 4x higher than it ever was before.  I love that people are finding my content and enjoying it.  That's what this is all about - inspiring others to build multiple income streams and hustling. Important Happenings June had a couple important happenings that I wanted to share. First, with the increase in search traffic that I've been experiencing I've also seen a boost in affiliate revenue, which is great.  My goal this year was to transition more towards affiliate advertising and my own products instead … [Read more...]

The Simplest Tricks To Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Social media is designed to be social, right?  So are you creating conversations around your content to drive engagement, and in turn drive traffic?  Or are you just posting your articles out into the nether reaches of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and simply hoping for the best? Tools like BufferApp, CoSchedule, and others make it easy to just click and post.  But the problem is that just posting content doesn't engage anyone.  And social media is designed to catch peoples' attention and engage them.  Failing to do so results in failure of your content.  That's why you need a blog marketing plan, and you need to follow these tricks to boost your social media engagement.   It Starts With The Title The first trick to boost … [Read more...]

My Monthly Income Stream Report – May 2014

Income Stream May 2014

First I would like to acknoledge that I've been a slacker when it comes to posting here at Beat the Nine to Five.  I have some ideas bouncing around, but I really only want to add content when it adds a lot of value.  So, I've been holding off for a bit.  I have some really great stuff in the pipeline, but I want to get some more concrete data and experience before I put it out there.  So far, I'm excited about it, and so I hope you will be too!   Important Happenings First, if you're in our online mastermind group, I got the forums working again and everything is back live.  I really want to personally thank Bobby for being such a great member and letting me know, as well as consistently being a champion in the forums.  I'm glad … [Read more...]

My Monthly Income Stream Report – April 2014

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Sorry I'm a bit late getting this out this month.  It's been a hectic few weeks around here and my priorities have been focused elsewhere.  But I'm here now and I'm excited to share what's been happening. I just realized that I've been sharing my income online since May 2011.  It's really more than just sharing my income - it's about showing you how I'm building multiple income streams beyond my 9 to 5 job.  My goal is to share my wins and opportunities, and to be clear that building multiple income streams is a real possibility for everyone. Let's get to what's happened last month. Important Happenings April was a month of re-grouping at The College Investor.  Personally, I'm not satisfied with the level of growth The College … [Read more...]

Best Tools and Tricks For Running an Online Business While Working

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I still work full time.  I know - I haven't made the leap to self employment yet.  But with that being said, side hustling is tough.  And it requires some skills and tools that traditional entrepreneurs don't have to deal with. Let me back up a second.  If you didn't realize it - I run 5 websites (including all the social media jazz and stuff), write for two major publications, freelance write for some other publications, have a wife, raise my son, and work full time 40-50 hours per week.  It overwhelms me a bit writing that, but here I am, at 10pm at night, writing again. The truth is, I love to write, and I love online business.  I have multiple sites because I get bored focusing on one thing and need to mix it up a bit.  But all of … [Read more...]